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Bank Ratings S&P Global Moody's Fitch
Counterparty Rating1 A- A1 / A1 (cr) BBB+ (dcr)
Deposit Rating2 BBB+ negative A1 stable BBB+
Issuer Credit Rating (long-term debt) BBB+ negative A1 negative BBB negative
Stand-alone Rating bbb baa2 bbb
Short-term debt A-2 P-1 F2
Last update 23.04.2020 25.09.2020 30.03.2020

Issuer Ratings (secured issuances) S&P Global Moody's Fitch
Public Sector Pfandbriefe - Aaa -
Mortgage Pfandbriefe - Aaa -
Last update - 31.12.2017 -

Issuer Ratings (unsecured issuances) S&P Global Moody's Fitch
Preferred senior unsecured debt BBB+ negative A1 negative BBB+
Non-preferred senior unsecured debt BBB- Baa2 BBB negative
Subordinated debt (Tier 2) BB+ Baa3 BB+
Additional-Tier-1 (AT1) BB- Ba2 _
Last update 23.04.2020 25.09.2020 30.03.2020

1 includes client business (i.e. counterparty for derivatives)
2 includes corporate and institutional deposits

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Rating Information

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