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Investors' Day, 04.09.2002, Frankfurt am Main

Investors' Day
10:00 AM Klaus-Peter Müller,Chairman of the Board of Managing Directors"Commerzbank's strategic focus" PDF, 78 kB
11:00 AM Dr. Thomas Naumann, Head of Accounting and Taxes"Key topics in our accounting" PDF, 238 kB
12:00 PM Dr. Eric Strutz, Head of Group Strategy "Group Strategy and Turnaround Program" PDF, 288 kB
02:00 PM Mehmet Dalman, Member of the Board (Securities)"Investment Banking" PDF, 529 kB
03:00 PM Carsten Kribber, Branch Manager"Data-based marketing platform in retail banking" PDF, 279 kB
04:00 PM Martin Blessing, Member of the Board (Retail Banking)"Development of Retail Banking" PDF, 289 kB