Investors' Day Investors' Day


Investors' Day, 22.09.2004, Frankfurt am Main

Investors' Day
09:45 AM Klaus-Peter Müller,Chairman of the Board"Commerzbank's positioning: Where are we now - where are we going?" PDF, 1.8 MB
10:15 AM Dr. Eric Strutz,Chief Financial Officer"Facts & figures: regaining profitability" PDF, 1.2 MB
11:30 AM Klaus M. Patig,Member of the Board"Asset Management: from shrink to grow" PDF, 7.0 MB
12:15 PM Martin Blessing,Member of the Board"Growth strategy in Retail Banking" PDF, 3.7 MB
02:15 PM Nicholas Teller,Member of the Board"Milestone report: Move to the Top" PDF, 2.5 MB