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17/11/2005 Press conference on the acquisition of 66% of theEurohypo shares by the Commerzbank(in German) Event
17/11/2005 Analysts' conference on the successful conclusion
of the Eurohypo negotiations
PDF, 1.3 MB
03/11/2005 Analysts' Conference on nine-month results PDF, 1.1 MB
05/10/2005 Dr. Achim Kassow, Member of the Board
3. Internationaler Retail-Bankentag
"Profitables Wachstum durch Masskonfektion"
(in German)
PDF, 286 kB
28/09/2005 Dr. Eric Strutz, CFOCommerzbank‘ s financials – a sound basisGerman Investment Conference PDF, 467 kB
03/08/2005 Dr. Eric Strutz, CFOAnalyst conference call on half-year results 2005 PDF, 1.9 MB
07/07/2005 Michael Mandel, Head of Private Customer
UBS Conference: Insurance, Pensions and Savings in Germany - "Commerzbank"
PDF, 321 kB
09/06/2005 Dr. Eric Strutz, CFO
European Financials Conference:
Navigating the Sea of Change
PDF, 1.2 MB
02/06/2005 Klaus-Peter Müller, CEODeutsche Bank German Corporate Conference"Commerzbank" PDF, 2.0 MB
03/05/2005 Analysts' Conference on three-month results PDF, 3.2 MB
06/04/2005 Dr. Eric Strutz, CFO
Morgan Stanley European Banks Conference
PDF, 1.6 MB
16/02/2005 Press conferenceSpeech held by Klaus-Peter Müller,Chairman of the Board of Managing Directors PDF, 110 kB
16/02/2005 Speech held by Klaus-Peter Müller,
Chairman of the Board of Managing Directors
Press conference on 2004 key figures
(in German)
PDF, 110 kB
16/02/2005 Dr. Eric Strutz, CFO
Analyst conference call on 2004 key figures*
PDF, 1.3 MB
17/01/2005 Dr. Eric Strutz, CFOCheuvreux German Corporate Conference"Enabling future success" PDF, 1.7 MB