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Commerzbank in Africa

A strong and committed partner

Commerzbank is a strong partner for financial institutions in Africa. With 6 representative offices between Cairo and Johannesburg, and 500 bank customers and 250 institutional customers, Commerzbank is the no. 1 German-speaking bank for corporate customer transactions in Africa. It has now been active in this region for 60 years, maintaining business relations with banks and state institutions in 50 of the 53 countries on the African continent. It cooperates above all with governments, local banks and central banks.

With this market position, Commerzbank bears economic and social responsibility.

Corporate Social Responsibility in Africa

Commerzbank has a long tradition of corporate social responsibility. Our central aim is to integrate environmental, social and ethical criteria into our business decisions.
We participate in various projects and initiatives, with a particular commitment to the fields of education and environment. In our selection of projects we concentrate on those that have a lasting impact. In particular, we believe that through quality education, the cycle of exclusion, poverty, domestic violence and breakdown of families can be broken.


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07/2012 Commerzbank initiates collaboration with SOS Children's Villages in Africa

In July 2012 Commerzbank Financial Institutions initiated a two-year collaboration to support SOS Children's Villages in Africa. Our corporate partnership with SOS Children's Villages is an example of Financial Institutions' corporate social responsibility. SOS Children's Villages is an international nongovernmental social development organisation, active in the field of child rights.

In our partnership with SOS Children's Villages we share common objectives in the best interest of children, with tangible results that make a long-term difference to children's lives. SOS Children's Villages regards it as essential to make school and vocational education available to all children in SOS Children's programmes. In places where the government provides too few schools, or where the quality of schools is poor, SOS Children's Villages has built new kindergartens, schools and vocational training centres.

The Ghana projects: Commerzbank supports SOS Children's Villages in Ghana.



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Corporate Social Responsibility

As one of Germany's leading banks for private and corporate customers, Commerzbank has a responsibility both to the economy and to society. More...