Study Circle in Germany Study Circle in Germany



Why go if you can stay?

Have you have completed an internship or an apprenticeship with us and impressed us? Then become a “Commerzbank Studienkreisler”.

But what exactly does that mean?

You'll enjoy a programme that accompanies your studies and is unique: studies and jobs are combined in a way that suits you best. In total, you will work for us for at least eight weeks a year - either at a stretch during the semester break or part-time on certain weekdays. Both, of course, at a bank rate - and preferably until the end of your studies. We like long-term relationships!

The idea behind it:

We will agree on an individual development plan with you for your time in the study circle, which will be based on the tasks you would like to take on with us later. In doing so, you will build up a network of important contacts that you can refresh at annual junior events.

And best of all: If you start as a Graduate Trainee after graduation, your training time will be significantly shortened. You may even be able to join us directly - after all, you have gained a lot of practical experience and already know us well.

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