The brand Commerzbank The brand Commerzbank


Step by step toward success

The continuation of the brand campaign

brand campaign 3.0"Commerzbank. The bank at your side" is our brand promise. Our customer's interest and the customer satisfaction determine our range of services.

We express this attitude of Commerzbank in the brand campaign. “Fairness” and “competence” are the decisive factors and constitute the foundation of the bank’s ethical values.

Brand campaign 3.0: Our advice points in one direction

On September 7, 2015 the third level of the brand campaign kicks off- entirely along the lines of its predecessor: self-critical, ambitious and authentic. The focus this time is on Advisory Services, as characteristics such as quality of advisory services and successful advisory services are a key engine for our clients.

In four new campaign commercials two female employees and two male employees relate from their personal point of you how the bank understands what excellent advisory services are and how it keeps its promise.

In a documentary style with authentic monologues by our actors we would like to communicate in a convincing way that “The bank at your side” is not merely an advertising slogan, but our standard as a fair and competent partner.