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Eintracht Frankfurt


Commerzbank has supported the football team of Eintracht Frankfurt since the 2002/2003 season. It thus underlines its firm commitment to Frankfurt as a city of sports, its citizens and sport fans, as well as to its central location.

The best known sports club in Hesse makes its mark all over Frankfurt, and the fabric of the city would be unimaginable without it. With its sports facilities and sports provision, the club brings sport to the people. In addition to football, the club Eintracht Frankfurt also offers a home to many other sports (e.g. tennis, gymnastics, table tennis etc.). As with the DFB partnership, values such as fairness, accomplishment, respect and team spirit play a vital role in the sponsoring of Eintracht Frankfurt – values that Commerzbank also embodies.

The home matches of the football professionals are held in the Commerzbank-Arena. Since 2002, Eintracht Frankfurt has operated a football school managed by Karl-Heinz ´Charly` Körbel. In addition, a museum has been in existence since 2007 in the interior of the stadium grandstand, in which guided tours on the club's history are regularly held by veteran players, coaches and persons of outstanding merit.

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