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Drumbo Cup


The Drumbo Cup is Germany’s largest indoor football tournament for primary schools. It takes place every year in Berlin. In addition to primary schools, participation in the traditional tournament is open to secondary schools and inter-denominational schools up to the 6th form.

For over 40 years, girls’ and boys’ teams have competed for the coveted trophy: around 100,000 schoolchildren have taken part since 1975, including some subsequent professionals such as Jérôme Boateng, Kevin-Prince Boateng, Pierre Littbarski, Thomas Häßler and Christian Ziege. True to the motto “it’s all about taking part”, the focus of the traditional tournament is on the pleasure of the young footballers. Great emphasis is placed on behaviour of the players among themselves. With this in mind, the German Olympic Society also awards a fair-play prize every year.

Commerzbank is the proud organiser and sponsor of this traditional tournament, which is also supported by other partners such as Berlin Football Association and the Senate Department for Education, Youth and Family, Berlin Football Week and Nike. Incidentally, the name Drumbo Cup is derived from the longstanding mascot – the Drumbo elephant of Dresdner Bank – which initiated the tournament in 1974.

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