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The Green Band


The competition "The Green Band for exemplary Talent Promotion in Clubs" awards a prize to sport clubs which render outstanding services in youth work and promotion of young talented athletes. The prize has been awarded jointly by the German Olympic Sports Confederation and Commerzbank since 1986 and has become a fixed constant for German sport clubs.

Success through endurance

The goal of the competition is to support sport clubs in their promotion of young talented athletes and to clear the way for the involvement of children and teenagers in competitive sports. For success comes from the bottom up, primarily through sustained search and fostering of talented young sportsmen and sportswomen.

This commitment ideally combines all that Commerzbank has advocated for years: linking the promotion of sport to the aspect of social responsibility. The Green Band namely puts the responsibility for children and teenagers and their formation before the aspect of sport. The clubs thus perform important tasks of the society. Sport enhances social competence and connects young people irrespective of their social status.

A strong performance: 25 years of the Green Band

It has been round, square, made of acrylic and made of glass. The award "The Green Band for exemplary Talent Promotion in Clubs" has experienced many changes in appearance – but the high level of demands on the award winners has remained the same. In 2011, the young talent award celebrated its 25th anniversary and looked back at a formidable achievement: So far the initiative has supported children and teenagers from about 1,550 sport clubs, spending more than EUR 7.8 million.