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June 11, 2014

Commerzbank sells commercial real-estate financing portfolios in Spain and Japan, as well as the non-performing loan portfolio in Portugal, totalling EUR 5.1 bn

  • Spanish commercial real-estate financing portfolio (CRE) and the portfolio of non-performing loans in Portugal totalling EUR 4.4 bn sold to a consortium comprising JP Morgan and Lone Star
  • Japanese CRE portfolio in the amount of EUR 0.7 bn sold to Asia-focused alternative investment manager PAG
  • Transactions include the entire operational CRE activities in Spain and Japan as well as transfer of employees to an affiliate of Lone Star (Spain) and to PAG (Japan)
  • Negative impact from sales on earnings in the segment Non-Core Assets in the second quarter amounts to approximately EUR 100 m
  • Transactions reduce CRE portfolio by a total of approximately 16 % (portfolio as of the end of March 2014: EUR 32 bn) and the non-performing loans nearly by one third (portfolio as of the end of March 2014: EUR 5.1 bn)
  • Significant improvement of the CRE risk profile: “higher risk cluster” almost run down in full

Commerzbank has signed agreements on the sale of its CRE portfolios in Spain and Japan including the relevant interest-rate hedging derivatives, as well as the non-performing CRE loan portfolio in Portugal. The transactions include commercial real-estate loans totalling EUR 5.1 billion. Thereof, the Bank classifies EUR 1.4 billion as non-performing loans (Spain: EUR 1.1 billion, Portugal: EUR 0.3 billion). The sold portfolios account for approximately 16 % of the remaining commercial real-estate loans of EUR 32 billion still held by Commerzbank as of the end of March 2014. The platform in Spain as well as in Japan, and thus also the respective employees, are being transferred to an affiliate of Lone Star (Spain) and to PAG (Japan). It was agreed to maintain confidentiality on further details of the agreements.

The portfolio of CRE loans in Spain and the non-performing CRE loans in Portugal with a total volume of EUR 4.4 billion are being sold to a consortium comprising JP Morgan and Lone Star. The CRE perfoming book in Portugal remains with Commerzbank.

In Japan the Bank has sold its subsidiary Commerz Japan Real Estate Finance Corporation to PAG’s Secured Capital REP V and Pacific Alliance Special Situations funds. Thereby, the primarily subordinated loans held by this subsidiary which are totalling EUR 0.7 billion are being transferred to the buyer accordingly. They are classified by the Bank as higher risk cluster loans. The portfolio will be managed by PAG’s Tokyo-based Secured Capital Investment Management.

The Bank expects that there will be a negative impact of approximately EUR 100 million on earnings in the Non-Core Assets segment in the second quarter of 2014 as a result of the transactions. However, based on the considerable reduction of EUR 3.2 billion in risk-weighted assets (RWA) the transactions will lead to a total positive net capital effect of approximately EUR 200 million. Overall the sales have a positive effect on the core capital position of Commerzbank. Also the reduction targets will be positively influenced by these transactions. The Bank will give an update on the reduction targets in its financial statements for the second quarter.

The risk profile of the CRE loan book has improved significantly with the transactions. The portfolio of loans in the CRE segment which the Bank classifies as “higher risk cluster” is being almost run down in full following the sales. In addition, the volume of CRE non-performing loans is being reduced by nearly a third as a result of the transactions (portfolio as of the end of March 2014: EUR 5.1 billion).

“These transactions are further evidence that we remain committed to our value-preserving run-down strategy. In Spain we were able to take full advantage of the excellent market opportunity, thereby reducing significantly the earnings impact through an auction process,” said Sascha Klaus, Divisional Board Member Non-Core Assets Commercial Real Estate. “With the sale in Japan we have disposed of our only CRE portfolio composed of subordinated loans. At the same time we have further reduced complexity, as this was our last remaining CRE operation outside Europe.”


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