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Our responsibility

Commerzbank is committed to its entrepreneurial responsibility. This implies that apart from keeping an eye on the success of our business, we also focus on the impact it has on our employees, society and the environment. We are convinced that in this way we make a significant contribution to the sustainability and growth of the company's value.

Detailed information about the activities and general guidelines of Commerzbank have been summarised in our Sustainability Portal where we focus on the following topics:


Commerzbank's commitment to entrepreneurial responsibility represents a fundamental condition of the company's activities.

Positions & Directives

Clearly defined principles provide sustainable decision guidelines for conducting - or rejecting - Commerzbank's business.


Fairness and competence are two basic principles for how Commerzbank deals with clients and for the philosophy applied to products development.


Commerzbank assumes responsibility for climate protection and for the efficient use of resources within the framework of its business activities.


As a responsible employer Commerzbank offers numerous possibilities for further professional and personal development.


Commerzbank is engaged in a large number of initiatives for the further development of the society - mainly in the areas of sport and education.

Foundation Centre

The foundation work of the Bank in the areas of science, arts and social activity are centralised in the Foundation Centre.

Commerzbank in Dialogue

In this series of events we deal with topics of interest to our stakeholders.