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As a leading commercial bank in Germany, Commerzbank has an obligation to act responsibly, in both economic and socio-political terms, in the areas where it has an influence. It respects the rights and expectations of its various stakeholders and of society at large and ensures they are factored into company decisions.


In the light of this responsibility, the Bank is committed to the UN Global Compact and has adopted positions and policies concerning environmental and social issues. You can find all positions in the ESG Framework (PDF, 1.4 MB) in the chapter Transformation Finance on pages 11-18. Here we describe our exclusionary criteria and assessment criteria.

Commerzbank is currently reviewing business activities and relationships that relate to the following topics:

  • Deforestation and agricultural commodities such as cotton, wood, pulp and paper, palm oil, cattle farming, soy cultivation and tobacco)
  • Mining(such as conflict minerals, lithium and rare earths)
  • Energy (such as nuclear power and hydropower)
  • Fossil fuels (coal, oil and gas)
  • Defence and surveillance technology
  • Ship breaking
  • Textiles .

Our Position on Human Rights is a key element of our social responsibility in our core business. In it, we commit to respecting human rights and aim to make a contribution to the promotion and protection of these rights within the scope of our influence, for example in our dealings with employees, suppliers, and clients. We ensure these guidelines are upheld through reputational risk management and compliance management.