German Offshore electricity for medium-sized industrial companies (20.6.)

Commerzbank and RWE sign Memorandum of Understanding

Planned construction of joint offshore wind farm with a capacity of around 1 gigawatt

‘Green Mittelstand Fund’ to give medium-sized enterprises access to green electricity production

German Wind Energy at Sea act: Tender conditions need to be improved to make them more attractive


Commerzbank issues its third own Green Bond (7.6.2022)

Bond volume of €500 million

Bettina Orlopp: “We are consistently expanding our volume of sustainable products. With our third Green Bond, we are providing investors with an opportunity to participate in the sustainable transformation of the economy.”


API technology and digital ecosystems are key to circular economy and sustainable supply chains, reveals Commerzbank whitepaper (9.5.2022)

The paper highlights how aggregating complex data from various sources is fundamental if corporates are to meet sustainability targets


Annual General Meeting 2022 (6.5.2022)

Statement by CEO Manfred Knof published in advance (in German).