Commerzbank: Operating Profit of €1.4bn and improved Capital Ratio (9-2-2017)

Martin Zielke: "In 2016 we achieved a solid profit and further improved our capital ratio. However, we cannot yet be satisfied with the quality of our earnings and that’s why we will put every effort into the implementation of our strategy."


Oekom Research awards Commerzbank prime status for the first time (8-2-2017)

Germany’s second-largest bank has been recognised for its commitment in the field of sustainability by being awarded Oekom Research's prime status. The Bank’s ranking puts it among the world’s leading companies in the observance of ecological and social criteria in its corporate management.


Commerzbank offers first digitalisation platform for German SMEs - “#openspace” (11-1-2017)

“#openspace” constitutes a long-term cooperation between SMEs, innovation partners, and start-up companies. It intends to empower SMEs so that they can fundamentally change their business models in line with new digital standards. At the same time, it provides advisory and logistical support to national and international start-ups.


Annual Press Conference 2017


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Results financial year 2016

CEO Martin Zielke and CFO Stephan Engels on the financial year 2016

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