Commerzbank celebrates 50 years in New York (11-10-2017)

1971, Commerzbank New York was the very first branch of a German Bank to open in the United States. The Bank supports both U.S. Corporates who are interested in the European markets, and also German companies looking to expand into the U.S.


Commerzbank sector report: Digitalisation revolutionising the retail trade (6-10-2017)

In the coming years the German retail trade will face radical changes. Among other things the shift in customer requirements and digitisation pose major challenges for the sector. Commerzbank’s latest sector report for retail trade labels the main trends.


Commerzbank joins platform designed to support trade finance transactions (4-10-2017)

The new platform named "Batavia" is based on blockchain technology. It is designed to support more efficient, transparent and cost effective transactions by eliminating the necessity to handle and compare documents. It is built to be openly accessed by organisations of all sizes anywhere in the world.


Commerzbank, KfW and MEAG simulate security transaction via Blockchain (25-9-2017)

Blockchain build a decentralised data structure and found the basis for intelligent electronic contracts, which focus on the automated processing of business transactions. The security was sold to MEAG, and settled without a paying agent or a clearing system. This pilot transaction comprised a €100,000 issuance volume with a five-day term.


Interview with Stephan Engels

CFO Stephan Engels on the Q2 figures 2017

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