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Compliance stands for proper and law-abiding actions of all business units and is the foundation of corporate responsibility. Thus compliance is an inherent part of Commerzbank Group's risk management.

Banks seek for prevention and combat of e.g. insider trading and money laundering, as well as the protection of insider information, confidential customer data and protection of investors.

With ever-changing business processes and new regulatory requirements we continuously work on optimising compliance-relevant processes and develop them further.

To meet with the entrusted requirements Group Compliance reports directly to the CFO and is invested with comprehensive managerial authority, escalation power, the right to information and investigation. An independent network of compliance divisions within the relevant group wide units is in regular communication with Group Compliance. The communication on a regular basis with associations and authorities via the on site compliance units allows to be up to date on the regulatory requirements.

Stop Financial Crime

Stop Financial Crime

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