The brand Commerzbank The brand Commerzbank


Brand history

Commerzbank's brand identity consolidates and continues key elements of the traditional Commerzbank and Dresdner Bank brands; these form the cornerstone of our logo.

Brands are living entities and develop with the company. This process of change gives rise to logos that reflect the changing times - the brand history of Commerzbank and Dresdner Bank is testament to this.

Thus since it was established in Hamburg in 1870, Commerzbank has changed its brand several times over the years; just like the Dresdner Bank that was founded in 1872 in Dresden.

The contemporary font of the name Commerzbank and the corporate colour yellow, combined with the dynamic, three-dimensional logo, stand for fairness and competence - the basis of all we do.

Logos Commerzbank and Dresdner Bank change in time

History in motion