Commerzbank's History Commerzbank's History


1970 to 1989

1970Process of centralising headquarters in Frankfurt am Main begins.
1970/71Streamlining in mortgage banking: Commerzbank acquires majority holdings of the Rheinische Hypothekenbank, Mannheim, and the Westdeutsche Bodenkreditanstalt, Cologne. The two merge in 1974.
Down a new road in Europe: Commerzbank, Crédit Lyonnais and Banco di Roma sign cooperation agreements to form the Europartners group.
1971New York representative office converted into a branch, the first operative unit of a German bank in the US.
Commerzbank share traded on Paris stock exchange.
1972Commerzbank introduces its four winds logo as part of a European cooperation campaign between banks.
Number of customers rises to two million.
Stock-exchange listing in Vienna.
1973Branch opened in London.
Commerzbank helps found the Europartners Bank (Nederland) N.V. in Amsterdam and holds a 60% stake.
Listed on stock exchange in Belgium and Switzerland.
Banco Hispano Americano, Madrid, joins the Europartners group.
1974New headquarters building in Frankfurt am Main completed.
Commerzbank and Crédit Lyonnais branches in Saarland merged to form Commerz-Credit-Bank Aktiengesellschaft Europartner.
Branch opened in Chicago.
Commerzbank share traded in Luxembourg and Amsterdam.
1975Training centre opened in Glashütten near Frankfurt.
First bearer bonds issued.
1976Commerzbank acquires a 50% holding in Deutsche Gesellschaft für Immobilien- und Anlage-Leasing mbH (DIL), Düsseldorf.
Branch opened in Paris.
1977Advertising slogan 'Commerzbank. Die Bank an Ihrer Seite' launched.
Domestic branch network restructured to form 40 main administrative units.
Branches opened in Brussels and Tokyo.
1978Branch opened in Antwerp.
1979Branch opened in Hong Kong and agency in Atlanta.
Subsidiary Commerzbank (South East Asia) Ltd. (COSEA), Singapore, starts operations.
Commerzbank a founder-member of Korea International Merchant Bank, Seoul.
1980Involved in nationwide introduction of viewdata system.
Branch opened in Madrid.
1980/82High interest rates prompt Commerzbank not to pay a dividend.
1981Commerzbank joins in inter-bank pilot project in Berlin and introduces first ATMs.
Branch opened in Barcelona.
1983First German bank to offer corporate customers a world-wide cash management information system, known initially as ComCash and subsequently COBRA.
1984New technical centre opened in Frankfurt am Main.
Europartners Bank (Nederland) N.V. in Amsterdam acquired as full subsidiary, known as Commerzbank (Nederland) N.V.
Acquisition of a 10% stake in Banco Hispano Americano, Madrid.
Start of 'sun' advertising campaign.
1985Commerzbank issues first profit-sharing certificates.
Commerzbank (Schweiz) AG established in Zurich; branch established in Geneva in 1988.
Branch opened in Los Angeles and Commerzbank U.S. Finance Inc., founded in Wilmington, Delaware.
1986Commerz International Capital Management GmbH (CICM) and Commerz-Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH founded in Frankfurt am Main as part of the bank's investment banking development.
Stock-exchange listing in Tokyo.
1987Commerzbank and four other German banks establish the international cash-management system WORLD-CASH.
Commerzbank Fonds-Verwaltungsgesellschaft mbH becomes Commerzbank Investment Management Gesellschaft mbH.
Commerz Unternehmensbeteiligungs-Aktiengesellschaft founded in Frankfurt am Main, and Commerz Securities (Japan) Company Ltd., in Hong Kong and Tokyo.
1988Allfinanz alliance established (one-stop finance), with Commerzbank acquiring 40 % of Leonberger Bausparkasse AG.
ADIG-Investment Luxemburg S.A. founded in Luxembourg, Commerzbank with a 37.5% holding.
EuroPartners Securities Corporation in New York, a Commerzbank holding since 1971, becomes a full subsidiary renamed Commerzbank Capital Markets Corporation.
Following restructuring of the Brazilian Unibanco group, Commerzbank acquires a 10 % stake.
1989Commerzbank has over three million customers with more than six million accounts.
Cooperation agreement with DBV + Partner Versicherungen, Wiesbaden.
Acquires 25% share in management consultants Baumgartner und Partner.
The new CICM (Ireland) Ltd., Dublin, launches individual investment funds in accordance with Irish law.
Holding in Deutsche Schiffsbank AG, Bremen/Hamburg, acquired.


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