Overview of historical records Overview of historical records



The Historical Archive archives sources of the history of Commerzbank and its predecessors. It also handles projects relating to the bank’s history.

Initial moves were made to establish an archive in the 1950s, and this was finally set up on 1.1.1988. Access to the records is available on written request and arrangement of an appointment.

There are major gaps in the records, owing not least of all to the Second World War and the post-war years. At present, the archives include the following material:

Commerzbank Aktiengesellschaft1870-1945900.0 metres
Mitteldeutsche Creditbank1856-192015.3 metres
Barmer Bank-Verein1867-19323.6 metres
Commerzbank-Gruppe1947-195835.0 metres
Commerzbank AG1958 ff.142.3 metres
von der Heydt-Kersten & Söhne1737-19808.0 metres
SchmidtBank AG1828-200313.5 metres
Dresdner Bank AG1872-200911.500 metres
Bequests1901-19904.3 metres
Collections (including material on specific
individuals and photos)
1870-200075.0 metres


Commerzbank AG

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