Commerzbank Board of Managing Directors Commerzbank Board of Managing Directors


Martin ZielkeMartin Zielke

  • Group Audit
  • Group Communications
  • Group Legal

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Picture of Roland BoekhoutRoland Boekhout

  • Business Segment Corporate Clients

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Dr. Marcus ChromikDr Marcus Chromik
Chief Risk Officer

  • Big Data & Advanced Analytics
  • Group Credit Risk Management
  • Group Cyber Risk & Information Security
  • Group Kredit
  • Group Market Risk Management
  • Group Risk Controlling & Capital Management
  • Group Compliance (interim)

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Jörg HessenmüllerJörg Hessenmüller
Chief Operating Officer

  • Group Banking and Market Operations
  • Group Delivery Center
  • Group Digital Transformation & Strategy
  • Group Operations Credit
  • Group Organisation & Security
  • Group Technology Foundations

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Dr. Bettina OrloppDr Bettina Orlopp
Chief Financial Officer

  • Group Finance
  • Group Investor Relations
  • Group Tax
  • Group Treasury

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Sabine Schmittroth

  • Group Customer Process & Data Management
  • Group Human Resources
  • Business Segment Private and Small-Business Customers (interim)

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