Letter of Credit – Negotiation Letter of Credit – Negotiation


Business contracts between international partners often require the handling of documents outside your country and thus restrict your possibilities of targeted influence and/or direct action. For this sensitive task you need a true and co-operative partner you can rely on.

Commerzbank L/C department staff is well trained and concentrates its expertise on the benefit of its customers. Documents are checked immediately after receipt and in full accordance with the respective regulations to ensure trouble-free processing. The powerful combination of fundamental know-how and service orientation is reflected in the excellent quality of our service and the perfect satisfaction of our Financial Institutions customers.

In order to maintain our exceptional standard in dealing with documents Commerzbank's profound expertise in handling documentary credits is always welcome: as a member of several local banking associations and the consulting group for UCP 600, represented in the ICC Task Force, Commerzbank takes an active part in refining existing frameworks and in defining new standards on a global basis. By using state-of-the-art technology we offer you efficient and cost-effective handling of your documents. Rely on us!



For further information contact your relationship manager.