Payment transactions

Payment flows without bottlenecks or disruptions

Transfers – including express transfers or instant payments – or direct debits: we settle your euro payment transactions fast and secure.
  • SEPA transfers in unlimited amounts
  • Cross-border collection of amounts receivable via SEPA Direct Debit
Our payment transaction services

Simple and efficient management of payment flows

The right instrument for every requirement

SEPA transfers and direct debits

Fast crediting of transfers and fast availability of collected direct debits

Euro urgent payment transfers

Priority handling of urgent payments, with same value date settlement

SEPA Instant Payment (Credit Transfers)

Fastest possible transfers from the principal to the beneficiary, with reconfirmation of payment

Global Transaction & Routing Service

Centralised acceptance and routing/conversion of transfer and direct debit orders in local or standardised formats

SEPA transfers and direct debits

SEPA: uniform procedures across the EU ensure efficiency

Settlement of all SEPA payments within the SEPA area


All electronic SEPA payments are executed within one bank business day


Precise advance information about upcoming account debits


Uniform and unambiguous standards for all participants enable efficient processing of SEPA mass payment transactions

The characteristics of SEPA transfers and direct debits

SEPA transfers and SEPA direct debits are the central elements of payment transactions in the Single Euro Payments Area Agreement (SEPA).

SEPA transfers (credit transfer)

You can use SEPA transfers within the SEPA area

SEPA Direct Debit Core / SEPA Direct Debit B2B

Two direct debit variants are available for different requirements:

  • SEPA Direct Debit Core, which is mainly designed for B2C payments, and provides consumers with refund rights; and
  • SEPA Direct Debit B2B, which is used for payments between businesses, without any rights to refunds.

SEPA Instant Payment (real-time credit transfer)

Just in time – bulk submissions available now: Bulk instant payments

For payments to be received immediately by the beneficiary

A matter of seconds

The beneficiary is credited the payment within a few seconds following execution

Around the clock

Payments are executed at any time: 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year

Receive a confirmation

In contrast to traditional SEPA transfers, the receiving bank confirms receipt of funds

Euro Urgent Payment (CCU via EBICS)

Execution of urgent payments via electronic payment methods (EBICS)

With euro urgent payments can be credited to the beneficiary with same value date settlement.

  • They are often used for account transfers (treasury payments), payments of large amounts and urgent invoice settlements with same value date settlement.
  • As a rule, urgent payments can only be ordered paperless in euros, and with an electronic signature.
  • For same-day execution, please observe the respective cut-off times.

Global Transaction & Routing Service

Single point of entry instead of country-specific particularities

Receiving, converting and forwarding payment orders to the detriment of accounts with third-party banks

One portal

No additional conversion or local banking software required


Direct access to numerous local and international clearing systems


Extensive advisory services concerning central payment transaction management, for clients operating internationally

International payments

You need an experienced partner at your side when making a payment outside the SEPA area or in another currency. We settle your payments across all borders.

Questions and answers

Everything you need to know about payment transactions