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Commerzbank’s smart banking solutions give corporate clients the flexibility they need to manage their everyday banking business. Enjoy direct access to Commerzbank – anywhere, anytime.
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  • Corporate banking app

Decisions have to be made around the clock, and you might need to make them while you’re not at your desk. Commerzbank’s online account for corporate clients allows you to manage your business finances whenever you like, whereever you are. Become faster, more flexible and more efficient with state-of-the-art technology. Learn more in this video.

One platform – many services

Always keep an eye on your digital banking on the go with the

Manage your payment transactions online:

Have your business partners covered and stay in control:

Keep liquidity under control, right from your desk:

Open and close accounts as you need them:

Buy and sell foreign currencies at the touch of a button:

Stay on top of cross-border business:

Grant and revoke authorisations at a click:

Unlock new ways to boost your efficiency:

Keep your profile up-to-date:

Corporate Banking App

  • Obtain an overview of financial information on accounts and credit cards, loans, bank guarantees, term deposits and securities accounts
  • View all balances and transactions registered in our Global Payment Plus online application, including those from third-party bank accounts1
  • Release payment orders on the go via photoTAN (TAN reader or app)
  • Rest assured that the highest security standards are in place for data backup and order authorisation
  • Conclude forex transactions on the spot or forward markets, and check rates in real time2
  • Renewal of term deposits from two day before the end of the term
  • Read last week´s key financial information in our "Week in Focus" news overview

  1. 1

    Requires access to our Global Payment Plus online application The user is responsible for choosing and integrating third-party bank accounts.

  2. 2

    Requires access to our FX Live Trader Web online application