At the heart of your payment transactions

Manage your account in all major currencies; benefit from full transparency and swift settlement of your transactions.
  • Individual services
  • Individual terms and conditions

Offering you a wealth of services

Our corporate account is the key to efficient account management.

Account models that fit your business model

Fast transaction settlement with electronic account management

Near real-time financial information

Commerzbank corporate accounts: your access to the financial world

Use the account as a key to unlock access to all our transaction services
  • Payment transactions
  • Cash services/logistics
  • Cash management
  • Electronic banking
  • Information
  • All types of commercial transactions
  • Credit and investment products

Opening an account – it’s as simple as that

Step 1

Please provide us with information on your company, your contact details and job functions, and tell us about your business. We process personal data in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Step 2

One of our advisors will contact you to discuss the details, inform you about our statutory due diligence requirements, and tell you if additional documents are required.

Step 3

Your account will be opened as soon as the documents have been reviewed and statutory due diligence requirements have been complied with. We will inform you in writing, and you will be able to start using your account right away.

Our services at a glance

Your Commerzbank corporate account offers you:
  • An account in the local currency and all major currencies
  • Personal, German-speaking customer service around the globe
  • Electronic account access
  • Online and mobile banking access
  • Cash services at all our ATMs or via our extended service
  • Electronic retrieval of account information or paper bank statements
  • FX and precious metals trading, including comprehensive logistics and insurance solutions
  • Option to connect your account to other products

Complete your account with our debit and business deposit cards

Flexibility wherever you go

Use your Commerzbank Girocard to make payments around the globe and withdraw cash from any Girocard or Maestro ATM. Our Girocard is a contactless card that debits spending directly from your corporate account.

Taking good care of your daily receipts

Our EinzahlCard allows third parties to deposit your company’s takings, such as daily receipts at the end of a business day, in one of your company’s master accounts. To protect everyone involved, we have designed dedicated SafeBags.

Corporate banking in the palm of your hand

Manage your corporate accounts wherever you go.

  • Obtain an overview of financial information on accounts and credit cards, loans, bank guarantees, term deposits and securities accounts
  • View all balances and transactions registered in our Global Payment Plus online application, including those from third-party bank accounts1
  • Release payment orders on the go via photoTAN (TAN reader or app)
  • Receive push notifications about new payment orders awaiting sign-off1
  • You can rest assured, due to high security standards for data backup and order authorisation
  • Conclude forex transactions on the spot or forward markets, and check rates in real time2

our online banking package for corporate clients

Central account and payments management, even from third-party banks in Germany and abroad, and for all major currencies with just one online application: welcome to Global Payment Plus (GPP)!
  • Multi-bank capability
    Manage all bank accounts in one place, whenever and wherever you wish. It’s that simple.
  • For all types of payment
    From SEPA transfers and direct debits via international and express transfers to instant payments, requests for transfer (RfT), standing orders, scheduled transfers and country-specific payments: the sky is your limit.
  • Ideal for teams
    With the entire team having access to address books, templates, saved orders and payment histories, teamwork and deputisation is as easy as it can be.

About Commerzbank corporate accounts

Our service for your change and daily receipts.

If your clients prefer to pay with bank notes and coins, we are happy to take care of cash deposit and withdrawal using using the SafeBag security bag designed specifically for this purpose.

  1. 1

    Requires access to our Global Payment Plus online application The user is responsible for choosing and integrating third-party bank accounts.

  2. 2

    Requires access to our FX Live Trader Web online application