Mandatory emissions trading

Commerzbank has been an active player in the market since the EU Emissions Trading System began life in 2005, advising companies on risk management and the acquisition of emissions rights and certificates, and also putting these trading strategies into practice for its clients.
  • Solutions-driven advice on all questions concerning the emissions market
  • Access to EU and UK emissions trading
  • Joint implementation of your trading activities

At a glance

Reasons for active CO2 risk management
  • EU emissions trading is one of the EU's main pillars in the fight against climate change.
  • In order to achieve the European climate goals, EU emissions trading is being expanded and the goals are becoming more ambitious.
  • There is a need for action due to the obligation to participate in EU emissions trading (and possibly also in UK emissions trading).
  • The strong price fluctuations in particular make active risk management indispensable.

A leading player in emissions trading

We work with you to develop a customised strategy and implement it together with you.

Commerzbank – We are your strong partner

Thanks to our long-standing expertise, we are perfectly positioned to provide qualified support for your emissions trading activities, not only in EU allowances, but also in UK allowances (EUA and UKA).

Voluntary offsetting of unavoidable greenhouse gas emissions

Take your company to carbon neutrality

  • Cancelling allowances from emissions reduction projects is a way to compensate those carbon emissions that cannot be avoided.