Our pension scheme offering for corporate clients

Our pension experts will gladly advise and support you, also in matters of funding and insolvency protection. The latter is also an essential part of different working time accounts (e.g. for partial retirement programmes or similar models). There is also more than one way to organise company pension schemes, and our experts are familiar with the advantages and disadvantages of specific forms and structures. Take a look at the overview of our services.

Working time accounts: your flexible HR Tool

Under a working time account scheme, employees contribute parts of their salary and/or worked hours to their working time accounts, from which their salary is then paid during a period of leave or partial retirement. As an employer, you are required to protect employee claims arising from such working time accounts against insolvency.

  • Solutions that match your company’s objectives
  • Flexibility meets planning certainty
  • Insolvency protection in line with legal requirements