Asset management

Term deposits

Invest your short- and medium-term liquidity, and benefit from our range of fixed-term investment options.
  • Broad range of maturities
  • Deposits in euro and selected foreign currencies
  • Transaction execution and administration via our corporate client portal
How you can benefit from term deposit investments

Plan ahead and leave your money in safe hands


Maturities range from one week up to 60 months, and up to 12 months for foreign currencies.


You can look forward to attractive interest rates in line with prevailing market terms, i.e. to predictable returns.


You're not bound to the euro. Our online term deposit offer comprises six foreign currencies.

Investing spare cash – simply and efficiently

Your investment opportunities at a glance

From very short-term to longer-term solutions, from smaller to large sums: our term deposits are tailored to your needs.
ServiceInvestments can be made in EUR and in foreign currenciesFixed-Term Deposit OnlineDeposits can be made in EUR, AUD, CAD, CHF, GBP, JPY, and USD
ServiceAmount invested per transaction in EUR

- Variable overnight deposits until further notice
- Term deposits with maturities of between 1 week and 12 months
- Term deposits with maturities of between 12 and 60 months
Fixed-Term Deposit Online

≥ €1 up to ≤ €20 million
≥ €10,000 up to ≤ €20 million
≥ €10,000 up to ≤ €5 million
ServiceInvestment amount per foreign-currency transaction

- Variable overnight deposits until further notice
- Term deposits with maturities of between 1 week and 12 months
Fixed-Term Deposit Online

≥ up to the equivalent of approx. €5 million in USD
≥ equivalent of approx. €10,000 up to €10 million in the relevant foreign currency
ServiceAccess to your money 24/7Fixed-Term Deposit Online
ServiceFlexible start dates, up to two bank business days following order entryFixed-Term Deposit Online
ServiceAutomatic or manual renewal optionsFixed-Term Deposit Online
ServiceFast inclusion of investments into the portal's financial overviewFixed-Term Deposit Online
Service"Second pair of eyes" option for transactionsFixed-Term Deposit Online
ServiceRelease via photoTANFixed-Term Deposit Online

Attractive add-on services for your term deposit

Demand deposits, term deposits or securities? Let us make the most out of your liquidity.

Converting demand deposits into term deposits

Cash that you will probably not need in the short term is better invested as a term deposit than as a demand deposit. We'd be happy to juggle the numbers with you.

Converting term deposits into securities

Securities might be a more lucrative investment form for term deposits that are renewed again and again. We'd be happy to create a pros and cons list with you.

Questions and answers

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