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Master the challenges of transaction processing with documentary collection or documentary letters of credit
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Which payment instrument to choose?

The parties to an international transaction are sometimes pursuing very different interests:

  • Exporters want to be sure that they will receive their money reliably, on time and in the agreed currency, and would prefer advance payment.
  • Importers are primarily concerned with receiving the goods on time and in the agreed quality and quantity, and would prefer not to have to transfer the money until they have received the goods.

Documentary collection and documentary letters of credit – confirmed and unconfirmed – allow the parties to vary their desired degree of protection, ranging from bank transfers made after goods receipt to advance payment. Importers and exporters have a large number of factors to weigh up in each case when deciding which instrument to use and whether to potentially combine different solutions.

Commerzbank awarded „Germany’s Best Trade Finance Service Provider”

Every year, the financial industry magazine "Global Finance" presents awards to the world's best financial institutions. These awards are now a recognised and trusted standard for top performance. "Global Finance" awarded Commerzbank the title of Germany's leading provider of trade finance transactions for the third time running.

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