Better online: Web Trade Services

Our web-based application enables you to efficiently process your import/export letters of credit, export collections and guarantees
  • Enhanced efficiency in documentary and guarantee business
  • Online access from wherever you are

Apply automation for enhanced efficiency

Eliminate time-consuming manual procedures and paper-based processes.

Enjoy access to the latest information and incoming new business at all times.

Improve your end-to-end operational efficiency with electronic communications and reporting.

The whole deal:
our services at a glance

Web Trade Services: a professional approach across all functions ...

  • Electronic execution
  • Electronic confirmations
  • Automated e-mail notifications
  • Automated data inventory updates
  • Integrated follow-up management
  • Extensive analysis features ...

... and details

  • Customised modules for every business sector
  • Templates for applications/requests
  • Overview of all transactions for approval
  • Overview of all interrupted, pending or to-be-corrected transactions
  • A single inbox for all electronic messages
  • Integrated follow-up management
  • Text block templates
  • Plausibility checks for automated error correction
  • Integrated password protection for authorized access only; individual signature levels for extra security
  • Copy function for all transactions in the portfolio

Electronic communication via Web Trade Services at a glance

Going digital? For sure – but safely.

With Web Trade Services being integrated into Commerzbank's corporate client portal, there’s no need for additional software, installation or maintenance. Access rights can be assigned on an individual basis, and password protection ensures that access will be granted only to authorised persons.