Global Payment Plus: Our multi-bank capable online banking solution

GPP is an all-in-one online application allowing companies to manage all accounts and transactions in an easy, standardised manner.
  • Your professional payment services solution
  • Overview of all accounts, including those held at third-party banks
  • Initiate all types of payments

Professional solution for all payment transactions

Easily manage all bank accounts in Germany and abroad, using the standardised EBICS procedure.

GPP supports all types of domestic and cross-border payments.

Release payments using the electronic signature function and photoTAN, taking your individual approval structures into account.

Approve payments by electronic signature and photoTAN, taking your individual approval structures into account.

No software installations required. Access GPP via your web browser.

The application updates automatically on a regular basis.

Approve payments and retrieve account information on the go with the Corporate Banking App.

One application for all your accounts: Global Payment Plus

Features: Account and transaction management in Germany and abroad for all commonly-used currencies
  • Manage Commerzbank and third-party bank accounts in Germany and abroad, in one application
  • Supported payment types: SEPA transfers and direct debits, international transfers, express transfers, instant payments, requests for transfer (RfT), standing orders, scheduled transfers, country-specific payments
  • Place orders either by manual data entry or by uploading payment files from your financial accounting system
  • Access to address book, templates, temporarily saved orders, and order history for the entire team
  • Retrieve account information across different banks and easily export it for further processing
  • Uniform authorisation of banking transactions using photoTAN
  • Secure and standardised communication using the EBICS procedure
  • Choose from various languages: German, English, Czech, Chinese, Dutch, French, Italian, Japanese, Spanish

Corporate banking in the palm of your hand

Manage your corporate accounts wherever you go.

  • Obtain an overview of financial information on accounts and credit cards, loans, bank guarantees, term deposits and securities accounts
  • View all balances and transactions registered in our Global Payment Plus online application, including those from third-party bank accounts1
  • Release payment orders on the go via photoTAN (TAN reader or app)
  • Receive push notifications about new payment orders awaiting sign-off1
  • You can rest assured, due to high security standards for data backup and order authorisation
  • Conclude forex transactions on the spot or forward markets, and check rates in real time2

Let’s go! Global Payment Plus explained

Global Payment Plus helps you keep your payments under control. Take a look at how it works.
  1. 1

    Requires access to our Global Payment Plus online application The user is responsible for choosing and integrating third-party bank accounts.

  2. 2

    Requires access to our FX Live Trader Web online application