Reliably calculating commodity trades

Commodity management: gaining planning certainty

We show you how to successfully manage pricing risks on energy markets, for industrial and precious metals, in emissions trading, and for agricultural commodities.
  • Identifying,
  • quantifying,
  • and hedging commodity risks

At a glance

No need to fear volatile commodity prices, because you can count on reliable hedges
  • Commodity prices are regularly exposed to strong fluctuations. The higher the direct commodity costs in your production and the greater the proportion of secondary risks.
  • The greater the proportion of secondary risks, such as currency exchange rates, energy, transport and logistics costs, in the total costs, the more serious the consequences for your business success.
  • Our solutions for active commodity price risk management will help you achieve more planning certainty with the help of financial instruments in the energy and agricultural markets, in emissions trading as well as in industrial and precious metals.

How to benefit from commodity price management

Hedging price fluctuations

With our tailor-made hedging solutions, you are in full control of commodity price risk.

You are less exposed to commodity price developments.

Even if market prices fluctuate, your costs will remain stable.

Your mid- and long-term profits are easier to project.

You can quote fixed prices, and avoid price escalation clauses.

Depending on your hedging strategy, you can benefit from favourable market developments.

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Commodity management

From aluminium to sugar:
our commodity management offering

Agricultural commodities

  • Cotton
  • Coffee and cocoa
  • Sugar
  • Maize, wheat, and rapeseed
  • Soybeans, soy flour, and soybean oil
  • Rubber

Precious metals

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Palladium
  • Platinum

Industrial metals

  • Aluminium and lead
  • Copper and nickel
  • Zinc and tin
  • Iron ore and steel scrap

Energy commodities

  • Crude oil and distillates (e. g. gasoil, diesel, jet fuel, fuel oil, naphtha)
  • Coal
  • Electricity
  • Natural gas

Emission allowances

  • EUA – European Emission Allowance
  • UKA – UK-Allowance
  • VER – Verified Emission Reduction (Gold Standard, Verra, CDM)

The three steps to successful commodity management

Solutions that suit your needs

How we find the perfect hedging solution for you
Step 1

Individual needs analysis

We start by pinpointing your hedging needs, your goals, and your prerequisites.

Step 2

Tailor-made solutions

Based on your needs, together we will find the hedging solution that suits your company best.

Step 3

Reliable implementation

Together, we work with you to implement hedging details such as term, maturities, quantities and hedging currency according to your needs.