Realising investments, preserving equity, safeguarding liquidity

Commerz Real Mobilienleasing GmbH offers made-to-measure investment solutions for all your mobile operating assets.
  • The objects most frequently leased are commercial vehicles, machinery, operating equipment, and intangible goods
  • Commerz Real Mobilienleasing GmbH: more than 50 years of experience in Germany's SME sector
  • Commerzbank's manufacturer-independent leasing company

At a glance

There's hardly anything companies cannot lease.
  • Assets must have a useful life of more than one year; they must be potentially available for use by third parties.
  • Payment for wear and tear: the lease term depends on the depreciation for wear and tear or the technical useful life (pay-as-you-earn).
  • The leasing company transfers capital goods or intangible goods to the lessee for their use, but remains owner of the assets.
  • Lessees can return, purchase, or continue to lease the asset when the lease term ends, depending on the contract.

More flexibility, especially in growth phases

Equipment leasing allows you to use capital goods without delving into equity or other own funds.

As a consequence, equipment leasing improves your balance sheet ratios and credit ratings.

Lease instalments are treated as operating expenses – and are fully income tax-deductible.

Sustainability at its best – responsibility leading to success

Commerz Real AG boasts 50 years of market experience and assets under management of approximately €34 billion. Comprehensive asset management know-how and a broad range of structuring expertise are what characterises Commerz Real's range of services of tangible asset-oriented fund products and individual financing solutions. The range of funds comprises the open-ended hausInvest real estate fund, klimaVest (the first private investor impact fund for real assets), institutional investment products, and entrepreneurial participations of the CFB Invest brand.

Your contacts

We offer tailor-made leasing solutions. Our leasing experts are there for you, helping you to select the best leasing product for your needs.

Investing – it's a simple as that

Reliable and full of options

  • Long-term planning certainty
    Regular instalments offer a reliable basis for your calculations and certainty for your planning.
  • Investing without limitations
    Commerz Real Mobilienleasing GmbH's commercial leasing offering allows you to choose the best products for your company – independently and without limitations. You are not bound to any specific manufacturers or suppliers.

Flexible contracts and high-quality advice

  • Flexible contract design
    Whether you wish to make large investments or finance smaller purchases – lease agreements can be tailored to your individual business needs.
  • Advisory services at their best
    We will always draw up a lease agreement that takes your company's specific requirements into account. Instalments, term, and special payments can be adjusted as per your wishes.

Real-time calculation with non-binding indicative price

Planning investments in plant, machinery, equipment, and vehicles has never been easier! Use our leasing calculator to calculate leasing and hire purchases in real time.
  • Commercial investments starting at €5,000
  • Leasing and hire purchases, from the supplier or manufacturer of your choice
  • Individual adjustments upon request