Our financing solutions for corporate clients

From traditional loans to complex capital markets instruments, and from flexible working capital facilities to financing large projects and investments into your company’s future: we can design a solution that is tailor-made to your specific financing needs, as a standalone provider or together with a partner, never losing sight of sustainability along the way. We want to give your company exactly the support it needs. Take a look around to learn more about our solutions.

Realising investments, preserving equity, safeguarding liquidity

Commerz Real Mobilienleasing GmbH offers made-to-measure investment solutions for all your mobile operating assets.

  • The objects most frequently leased are commercial vehicles, machinery, operating equipment, and intangible goods
  • Commerz Real Mobilienleasing GmbH: more than 50 years of experience in Germany's SME sector
  • Commerzbank's manufacturer-independent leasing company