Short-term, fixed-rate liquidity is just a click away

In most cases, money market loans are the most cost-effective way to cover your short-term financial needs.
  • 24/7 money market loans for existing clients with a credit framework agreement
  • Loan amounts of up to 20 million euros, if sufficient credit line is available
  • Any client wishes that deviate from this can be addressed via your advisor

Accessing liquidity has never been easier

Simply specify the currency, amount and term in the corporate client portal

Keep track of all your money market loans in the portal’s financial overview

Fixed rate for the entire term

In three steps to money market loan

Step 1

Enter your participant number and password to access the corporate client portal

Step 2

Select your client number and specify currency, loan amount and term

Step 3

Review your instructions and approve them using photoTAN. Depending on your authorisation settings, they may need to be approved by a second party.

Extend your money market loan term whenever you need to

If you need additional liquidity for a little longer, money market loans are a very straightforward option:

  • Intuitive assignment of new money market loans, with transparent and binding T&Cs
  • Individual reference (optional)
  • No authorised representative required: users who are permitted to prepare orders can enter the relevant details.