Your Corporate Credit Card: the trump card for your business trips

Perfect for your business trips: your Corporate Card offers you easy and convenient payments combined with a comprehensive insurance cover.
  • Business travel insurance cover
  • Easy expense management
  • Convenient payments with Apple Pay and Google Pay

Indispensable for business travelling

Whether travel accident insurance, rental car cover, or 24-hour emergency hotline: with our Corporate Card, you're always on the safe side.

No need to provide cash advances for staff business trips or prepare complicated expenses statements. You'll save both time and money.

With our DataOnline and RechnungOnline services, you can access and analyse your credit card transactions and download documents any time.

Great to have and easy to get

Getting your Commerzbank Corporate Card online is this easy
Step 1

You can apply for your corporate credit card online.

Step 2

Fill in your personal data and submit your online application.

Step 3

Upon receipt of your application, your advisor will contact you to discuss all further details.

Your Corporate Card Classic is there for you - wherever you are. And so are we.

As Germany's bank of choice for foreign trade, Commerzbank is both regionally present and globally connected. Wherever your business trips lead you: we'll be there for you. With your Commerzbank Corporate Card and our know-how.

Costs and services at a glance

All our credit cards can be cancelled on a monthly basis. For any fees you have paid in advance you will receive a pro-rata refund.
Prices and limitsCorporate Card Classic Corporate Card Premium
Annual price Corporate Card Classic€28 (without insurance benefits €22 per year)
Corporate Card Premium€59
Fee for use outside the euro area Corporate Card Classic1.5% of total card spendingCorporate Card Premium1.5% of total card spending
Maximum cash withdrawal Corporate Card Classic€600 per day
€2,000 per week
Corporate Card Premium€1,000 per day
€2,000 per week
Insurance cover and emergency assistance for your business trips – even if the card is not used (Terms and conditions at a glance)Corporate Card Classic Corporate Card Premium
Maximum length of business trip Corporate Card Classic45 daysCorporate Card Premium90 days
Business travel accident insurance Corporate Card Classic
Corporate Card Premium
Rental car insurance Corporate Card Classic
Corporate Card Premium
24-hour emergency hotline Corporate Card Classic
Corporate Card Premium
Travel health insurance Corporate Card Classic Corporate Card Premium
Travel delay insurance Corporate Card Classic Corporate Card Premium
Travel breakdown assistance cover Corporate Card Classic Corporate Card Premium
Legal expenses cover for victims Corporate Card Classic Corporate Card Premium
Information forwarding to family members Corporate Card Classic Corporate Card Premium
Management information system DataOnlineCorporate Card Classic Corporate Card Premium
Worldwide access to your company's card transactions, including analysis and download functions Corporate Card Classic€5 per card and yearCorporate Card Premium€5 per card and year
Rechnung Online service to view credit card statementsCorporate Card Classic Corporate Card Premium
Web access to all credit card transactions Corporate Card ClassicAutomatic access
Corporate Card PremiumAutomatic access
Corporate Card with your own corporate design – upon request
Corporate Card Classic Corporate Card Premium
Have a Corporate Card issued with your own corporate design on it Corporate Card Classic€850 plus VAT Corporate Card Premium€850 plus VAT

It's worth it!

Get comprehensive coverage for all your business trips: in addition to its wide range of benefits, Corporate Card Classic offers extended insurance cover. For all business trips, this includes travel health insurance, travel breakdown assistance cover, travel delay insurance, and legal expenses cover for victims. But that's not all: we have doubled the business trip length covered and raised individual insured amounts.

Corporate banking in the palm of your hand

Manage your corporate accounts wherever you go.

  • Obtain an overview of financial information on accounts and credit cards, loans, bank guarantees, term deposits and securities accounts
  • View all balances and transactions registered in our Global Payment Plus online application, including those from third-party bank accounts1
  • Release payment orders on the go via photoTAN (TAN reader or app)
  • Receive push notifications about new payment orders awaiting sign-off1
  • You can rest assured, due to high security standards for data backup and order authorisation
  • Conclude forex transactions on the spot or forward markets, and check rates in real time2

Because you're proud of your company

One company – one design
  • A perfect match
    Upon request, Commerzbank's Corporate Card Premium can be customised with your own corporate design (on the entire front of the card).
  • Boosting identification
    A company-branded credit card will increase acceptance and identification on the part of your employees.
  • Promoting your business
    Promote your company with each and every card transaction.

About Commerzbank Corporate Card

  1. 1

    Requires access to our Global Payment Plus online application The user is responsible for choosing and integrating third-party bank accounts.

  2. 2

    Requires access to our FX Live Trader Web online application