A strong group of lenders for your loan: syndicated loans

A syndicated loan is a loan extended by a group or "syndicate" of banks on the same terms.
  • Comprehensive advisory services
  • Customised strategies

At a glance

How can syndicated loans be structured and used?
  • The size and intended use of each loan can be tailored to the needs of the borrower.
  • Syndicated loans can be used for a wide range of cases, from corporate finance and sustainable corporate finance to promissory note loans and acquisition finance, post-IPO finance, bridge facilities, and debut financings.

Your benefits

Syndicated loans allow companies to secure financing for amounts larger than a single bank would be able to take on, due to risk considerations.

While numerous banks act as lenders, a lead manager acts as your single point of contact.

Syndicated loans can always be structured to the needs, circumstances and the business model of the borrower.

An all-rounder for large deal sizes

Extensive advisory services, structuring and placement of syndicated loans or sustainable syndicated loans that fit your project

Revolving facility

A revolving credit facility allows borrowers to draw against the loan multiple times – up to the agreed limit – during the term of the loan.

Guarantee facility

Guarantee facilities cover the borrower's collateralisation needs.

Term Loan B

The Term Loan B (TLB) is provided by institutional capital markets investors and typically has a maturity of seven years.

Bridge loan

Bridge loans are short-term loans used to provide pre-funding or interim financing for specific transactions until the final follow-up financing becomes available.

Acquisition financing

Given the large deal size that is usually involved when companies are bought, it makes sense to have various banks on board to structure a syndicate loan.

Promissory note loans

Syndicated loans have been tried and tested in the context of large short-, medium- or long-term promissory note loans.

At your service: an experienced, dedicated team

Syndicated loans are a core product in our suite of capital market solutions. Our ability and experience has been documented in numerous awards over the years and an excellent ranking in league tables. In 2022 alone, GlobalCapital Awards honoured Commerzbank as:

  • Best Arranger of Mid-cap Loans
  • Best Arranger of German, Swiss and Austrian Loans
  • Best Arranger of International Promissory Note Loans