From investment to debt instrument: bonds are a true all-rounder

We support issuers and investors across the entire bond life cycle.
  • New issues
  • Secondary trading
  • Investing in national and international bond markets

An overview of our products

We offer a full suite of bond products
  • Syndicated public bond placements for all issuer types
  • Senior unsecured, subordinated and hybrid bonds
  • German Pfandbrief issues and international covered bonds
  • Sustainable bonds
  • EUR-demoninated bonds
  • CHF / USD / GBP and other currencies denominated bonds
  • Private placements
  • Promissory note loans

Expert advice and hands-on support for your bonds

Practical and professional advice

  • Advice on market positioning for issuers
  • Advice on optimising the structure of issuer capital and balance sheet, and full support for implementation and execution
  • Advice on and structuring of sustainable issues and issuance programs
  • Advice, implementation, capital market execution related to liability management transactions such as buy-backs or exchanges

Efficient and effective implementation

  • Presentation of investment opportunities and portfolio management solutions
  • Primary-market placement of all types of debt securities
  • Primary-market sales to investors
  • Secondary-market sales and trading

Issuer? Investor? We are at your service



Asset managers

Pension funds

Insurance companies

Central banks

Bank treasuries

Private banks / retail investors

Sovereign wealth funds

At your side during every stage of the transaction

First-class service throughout the lifecycle of a bond

Origination and structuring

  • Advisory, structuring and execution of all types of debt transactions
  • Full product range of debt capital market product, including senior and hybrid capital transactions, liability management, sustainable finance programs (DIP, ECP)
  • Originators as point of contact for issuer support in all debt related questions
  • International and broad positioning allows us to play different roles in the bond issuance process, such as technical lead or hedge manager, settlement or delivery, coordinating roadshows or managing communications.

Lead manager/lead arranger

  • Committed lead manager/lead arranger for public and private transactions
  • One-stop shop for advisory services dealing with market strategies (structure, pricing, timing, volume, length, target investor group, etc.)
  • Global solutions for new issues: eBookbuilding and eFeedback. Providing information on transactions, analyses and investor response in real time, supported by Issue Launch & Investor Access
  • Online platforms for coordinating roadshows, including travel routes and investor meetings: eRoadshow and Deal Roadshow.


  • As a leading provider of euro debt securities, we operate a powerful trading platform for a variety or interest rate and credit products
  • Our tried-and-tested trading platform is based on a top-notch proprietary engine and offers detailed insights into market flows and trends
  • We support global investors with voice trading as well as e-trading capabilities
  • Our trading desk works closely with our sales team and enjoys direct access to major institutional investors.


  • Global sales teams with access to relevant tier-one clients, providing investment and custody solutions suited to the client base
  • Powerful sales capacities in our core market with institutional clients in Germany
  • Unique access to institutional tier-two and tier-three clients in Germany through our branch network
  • Long-standing client relationships with a broad investor base
  • Highly experienced and qualified staff guarantee top-quality coverage – for transactions and beyond.