Tailor-made receivables finance

Factoring: solid financing foundation, including protection from payment defaults

Within Commerzbank Group, CommerzFactoring GmbH specialises in non-recourse receivables finance for corporate clients.
  • Continuous non-recourse sale of trade receivables
  • Immediate right to receive up to 90% of liquidity from the receivables, including VAT
  • Contract term: usually 1-5 years
  • Receivables term: usually up to 120 days
How you can benefit from factoring

Optimising financial objectives

Ideal foundation for your financing

Unburden your credit facilities, increase financial flexibility, and preserve own funds.

Revenue growth financing

The factoring amount increases in line with revenues generated by the receivables seller, making this type of financing an ideal fit for seasonal peaks.

Protection from payment defaults

Sold receivables are fully insured (up to existing limits).

Managing financial ratios

Improve your financial ratios by selling receivables/risks carried on the balance sheet.

Support for your receivables management

Letting us handle the collection process will free up your internal resources.

At a glance

Factoring requirements
  • Your company generates annual revenues of at least €2.5 million and has purchasable receivables exceeding €300,000 vis-à-vis commercial debtors.
  • The delivery/performance underlying the receivable was rendered prior to billing;
  • the receivables are undisputed, ideally subject to German law, and include terms of credit of no more than 120 days.

An overview of our services

We offer three types of factoring, which we can tailor to your individual needs.

Inter-Credit® Factoring: focus on liquidity and safety

This type of factoring focuses on providing liquidity and protecting you from del credere risk. You remain in charge of receivables accounting and dunning – an ideal solution for companies with sufficient resources and a good set-up in this area.

Smart-service factoring: includes everything but dunning

When using this type of factoring, your company remains in charge of dunning, whilst we assume responsibility for receivables accounting. This allows you to contact your clients directly when invoices are overdue.

Full-service factoring: the complete package

This type of factoring offers all factoring service components, including receivables management in its entirety. Debtors are informed of the sale of receivables; silent factoring is therefore not possible in this case.

Three steps to successful factoring

Benefit from all the advantages – in only a few weeks

The process in detail
Step 1

Definition of contractual details

We will conduct a first analysis of the receivables portfolio, and then lay out the details of the transaction structure (such as processes and terms and conditions) together with you. The mandate is based on the results of this process.

Step 2

Review and binding commitment

The review covers the receivables portfolio, booking processes and other factoring-specific aspects, plus the economic circumstances. The binding commitment defines payment terms for the implementation.

Step 3

Implementation and launch

Signing of contracts, obtain confirmations & agreements from third parties (if applicable), programme interfaces, run test data. As soon as debtor master data are entered, limits established & any additional requirements fulfilled, you are ready.

Always up to date

Factorlink Online

Digital factoring system with extensive, detailed reporting

  • Complete overview of current availability, drawdowns, holdbacks, tendered receivables, etc.
  • Full overview of all debtor accounts maintained at CommerzFactoring GmbH, including all limits approved for the individual entities or groups
  • Unrestricted number of users, with the option to allocate individual rights to users

Our promise

Strong combination of banking know-how and factoring expertise

CommerzFactoring GmbH combines professional factoring expertise with Commerzbank's comprehensive advisory approach – at all times tailored to the individual needs of your company.

  • One of the leading German factoring companies
  • Very experienced team, established processes, efficient IT structures
  • Fixed factoring fees and interest margins agreed for the entire term ensure absolute pricing transparency
  • High level of reliability owing to cooperation with five different reinsurance companies