Managing peak liquidity needs, as well as basic financing requirements

Selling selected receivables against approved borrowers, as required
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Transparent costs
  • Master agreement with pre-defined debtor limits

Precise coverage of your liquidity needs

Sell receivables exactly when – and only if – you choose to

This is not traditional factoring: you have the right to sell, but are not required to

Improve your financial ratios by selling receivables/risks carried on the balance sheet

Pay essential fees only for the services you have actually used

Sold receivables are fully insured up to existing limits

At a glance

Are CommerzFactoring's forfaiting services right for you?
  • Your company generates annual revenues of at least €20 million and has purchasable receivables exceeding €1,000,000 vis-à-vis commercial debtors.
  • The delivery/performance underlying the receivables was rendered prior to billing; the receivables are undisputed and ideally are subject to German law.
  • The receivables include terms of credit of no more than 120 days.
  • You are looking for a flexible form of financing to manage your cash flow and cover your maximum liquidity needs.
  • Individual terms and conditions may apply.

An overview of our services

Access liquidity

  • Up to 90 per cent of your trade receivables can be considered and turned into cash.
  • When submitting an invoice no later than 10 am, you can generally count on your account being credited on the same day.
  • Be flexible in your sale of receivables: sell them according to your needs.
    You can draw on your forfaiting line every working day. No prior notice needed.
  • Take the load off your equity and credit lines.

Protection from payment defaults

  • Sold receivables are fully insured up to existing limits.
  • Existing trade credit insurance may be integrated into the forfaiting structure, upgrading such insurance cover (e.g. CommerzFactoring may pay the excess when the receivable in question is sold).

Manage receivables

You remain in charge of receivables accounting and dunning. CommerzFactoring's forfaiting services are ideal for companies wishing to stay close to their clients through a well-organised receivables accounting department, or for companies preferring to retain control of their dunning for industry-specific reasons.

Factorlink Online

Digital factoring system with extensive, detailed reporting

  • Complete overview of current availability, drawdowns, holdbacks, tendered receivables, etc.
  • Full overview of all debtor accounts maintained at CommerzFactoring GmbH, including all limits approved for the individual entities or groups
  • Unrestricted number of users, with the option to allocate individual rights to users