Optimise your working capital with additional payment term

With our partner cflox GmbH and the product cflox pay, you gain greater flexibility in managing your working capital – without having to involve your suppliers.
  • Immediate payment of suppliers, using all rebates and discounts
  • Expand your funding sources
  • Improve your working capital on your balance sheet

Unique combination of payment, financing and working capital optimisation

You pay your suppliers on the agreed date, but you yourself are only charged this amount around 60 days later.

cflox pay is a payment service that is not recognised as a credit liability under HGB and IFRS1. This has a number of positive effects on your working capital and balance sheet ratios.

You retain full control at all times without the need to involve suppliers, change contracts or conduct negotiations.

cflox pay

Full range of services at a glance

Commerzbank has teamed up with cflox GmbH to offer an attractive and powerful financing instrument.

  • Secure and on-time payment in the name and for the account of the client
  • No changes or technical integration needed for suppliers
  • Payment, financing and working capital optimisation combined in a unique package of benefits

Optimising your working capital step by step

Standard setting of the transaction

The supplier delivers the goods and sends an invoice to the client.

Issuing a payment order for cflox pay

To settle the invoice, the buyer generates a payment order for their cflox pay account, which is managed in their name at Commerzbank. The buyer transmits the payment order to the bank with B-signature rights.

Financing request to Commerzbank

cflox then sends a financing request to Commerzbank as per the agreed conditions.

Acceptance and confirmation

If Commerzbank accepts the financing request, a confirmation is sent to cflox, and then from cflox to the client.

Payment execution

Commerzbank provides the disbursement amount on the client´s cflox pay account. The payment order is released by cflox GmbH with its A-signature rights and is then executed accordingly.

Repayment of financing

After around 60 days, cflox debits the disbursement amount from the client's reference account and the financing is repaid accordingly.

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